Know Your Bags

Today, handbags are more than a trend, but a necessity. To help you navigate the shallow waters of handbags and to choose the best model of bag for your specific needs, we have created a glossary of the top 20 types of handbags you can find on the market.

Backpack Purse
A unique type of handbag, slightly bigger than standard handbags, specially designed to be worn on the back. Backpack purses can have one or two shoulder straps. These fashionable backpacks are extremely popular at the moment. You can choose from mini, convertibles, leather and hand-crafted models.

Bucket Bag
Bucket bags, worn by most of the celebrities from Hollywood today, are a very fashionable addition to your outfit. These bags that resemble a bucket, hence the name, are not as practical as the backpack purses. However, they are extremely fashionable and can complement a wide variety of attires. Expect to pay a lot for bucket bags from Louis Vitton, Zara or Mansur Gavriel. However, it is worth feeling like a celebrity when wearing one of these modern bags.

Clutch Bag
A clutch bag is a very small bag that can be easily carried under the arm or even in the hand. You can use clutch bags when going to evening events. There are hundreds of unique types of clutch bags, from DIY models to diamond garnished bags worn by Hollywood stars.

Coin Purse
Coin purses, also known as change purses, are those small bags that are specially designed to hold coins and tiny items. Choose one that suits your style.

Cosmetic Bag
A cosmetic bag is a small case or bag specially created to fit your makeup, cosmetics or other toiletry objects. You can choose from simple handmade cosmetic bags to designer bags made from leather.

Cross-body Bag
These unique types of bags are to be worn across your body. The main benefit of wearing a cross-body bag is that you can use both of your hands. This makes them ideal when going shopping or when performing any other task that requires both of your hands.

Drawstring Bag
Drawstring bags, unofficially known as “sports bags”, are ideal for sporting activities that require something not that fashionable. Drawstring bags, just like backpack purses, can easily be worn on your back. What makes them practical is their lightness and their large size.

Envelope Clutch
An envelope clutch is a beautiful envelope-type bag that screams “graphic modern design” and “corporate”. Indeed, envelope clutches come in use when attending high-class, corporate events, or when going to important meetings where you want to look fashionable and leave a good impression. Do not forget to wear one when attending your next interview, as it will boost your chances of success and will also increase your self-confidence.

Evening Bag
Evening bags, just as the name says, are used for special evening occasions. These bags come in a wide variety of designs and textures to complement a plethora of events and themes. Whether it’s clutch, wristlet or shoulder, an evening bag is a perfect fit for weddings, parties, dates, movies or regular nights out in the city.

Fanny Pack
A fanny pack, or a waist pack, is a non-fashionable small bag that you carry around your waist, which can store daily essentials or travel items. Use it while running, hiking or during travel. A fanny pack goes well with colored attires and is usually worn with jeans.

Hobo Handbag
Hobo handbags, or hobos, are regular shoulder bags that have a unique format: scooped center, slouchy design and long shoulder strap. Hobos come in a wide variety of designs and models and are perfect for everyday use.

Messenger Bag
Messenger bags, known as courier bags, are not just for men. These leather bags are perfect for carrying anything from small food packages to larger items such as accessories and books. You can use them as courier bags, mail bags, school bags, laptop bags or diaper bags. Ultimately, they are a very good choice when you are riding a bike.

Organizer Bag
Organizer bags or purses are multi-purpose bags that are specially fashioned with pockets and distinct compartments, making it easy for you to store in an organized manner your makeup, coin purses, wallets, appointment books, or any other important items. These bags are very useful when traveling.

Satchel bags have a corporate feel to them. They normally come with a top carry handle, a top closure and a flat bottom. Again, just like fanny packs and messenger bags, satchels can be worn by both men and women.

Shopper Tote
A shopper tote is a rectangular bag specially designed for your shopping adventures. These bags come in a wide variety of models, shapes and designs in order to complement any attire and meet any type of needs.

Shoulder Bag
Shoulder bags, commonly worn by teenagers and young women, are standard bags that can be carried on the shoulder. They usually have one strap and you can carry them on either shoulder. College girls and teenage girls can find a wide variety of cute shoulder bags to help them stand out of the crowd.

Sling Bag
Sling bags are similar to shoulder bags, with one major difference: they are the “mature” alternative to shoulder bags. Women of all ages can wear sling bags due to their utility and functionality.

These beautiful leather bags are specially treated to offer a unique velvet-like finish. The soft and delicate suede fabric is slowly making a comeback. Here are some ideas on what to wear with your new suede:

These large, double handled bags are quite fashionable at the moment. Due to their simple design and solid construction, tote bags are ideal for more than just shopping. For instance, designer or leather tote bags are extremely classy and can be a perfect addition to your elegant attire.

A wristlet bag is a small wallet-like bag that can be worn on the wrist due to the small loop features. Wristlet bags are excellent for daily use.

These are the top 20 types of Handbags you can buy today. Enjoy your shopping!