Heshe Purses and Wallets

amazon heshe purse
The Heshe purses available Amazon are quality assured products made out of a fine glossy leather by a material called waxy oil cowhide. It is a natural leather that will improve with age and have a long lasting appeal.

The sizes vary depending on what kind of purse you are looking for. Most are around (length) 7.80″ (height) 3.50″ and (width) 1.15″. The small width of these purses coupled with the soft leather will make the purse fit comfortably in small spaces.

Heshe purses from Amazon also come in a range of different colours such as black, camel, khaki, red, rose and sapphire.

Some of the features of Heshe purses include 12 credit card slots, 1 photo window, 4 full length pockets and 1 zippered coin case. Extra features include a little pocket in the back, which makes it easy to put cash in or take out. These purses will also easily hold your smartphone in one of the pockets.