Hot Sell Cross Body Shoulder Bag Review

hot sell cross bodyI am relatively new to the Heshe bag bandwagon, and I wish I had found out about them sooner. I adore a good sized bag that I am proud to show off, and Heshe have managed to make this happen with all the style I expect when I hand my money over. I purchased the Hot Sell Cross Body Shoulder bag as I needed something to transfer across from day to night. It’€™s spacious enough to carry all my necessities and the robustness of the quality is fantastic. The zipper is good quality, and I do use this bag a lot so it really does get used often. I bought this bag in black, purely because it goes with everything. I will be investing in more of these bags in different color. Almost certainly the navy one for sure. This beautiful leather bag is now a mainstay no matter what outfit I wear.