The New Classic Purse: Heshe

Heshe purse thrilled me the moment I saw it because of the many card slots. For a long time, I had a problem with my ATM cards, club membership cards and others since they often got mixed up and took lots of time to sort. With this purse, each card now had its own slot.

The leather is high quality and genuine; soft without being too slippery. It has a glossy look that is appealing to the eye. I’m happy that it is big enough to carry my Smartphone yet it is slim and does not appear bulky. I was pleasantly surprised by the change compartment and the sturdy zip!

I also loved the additional checkbook slot.  The stitching is firm without sinking into the leather and the stitch color matches perfectly with the color of my Heshe purse. The loose stitching commonly seen on the edges of new handbags was simply not there! I am overall pleased, and recommend this brand to my friends.