Tory Burch’s Nieces “Neely & Chole” Launch a Handbag Line

neely choleMany newbies would be shy to venture into an industry that is dominated by global heavyweights, but not Neely & Chloe. These are both Tory Burch’s nieces, and they believe there is a place for them in the fashion industry. Aged 25 and 24, the two live in the same apartment in Tribeca and went to the same college.

Their fashion brand will focus on leather handbags and shoes, which are geared towards young working girls. Still, the collection has something for everyone, which will perfectly suit the diverse fashion needs of its target demographic.

The goods are of very high quality, and they are being made in a South Korean factory. The handbags are quite fancy, but they sell for less than $300. The well-designed envelope wallets being offered, for instance, sells for just $118, and they include a coin purse.

Their designs will include the use of poking and pinning on the leather, using architecturally inspired luggage tags, and some other unique designs. The pair wants their goods to be seen as long term buys that offer true value.